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Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster

COIL CHE 110 Intro-Food and Nutrition: Home

A collection of resources for Prof. Cassidy's course.

Named Diets

Below is a list of potential diets to investigate.

Others to consider: 21 Day Fix, Baby Food Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet

Web Resources for All

Average American Diet

Average Dutch Diet

Average Scottish Diet

Average Mexican Diet

South African Diet

For Ulster Students Only

Things to consider while you search

While you're doing your own research, keep the following things in mind:

Currency: When a resource was published/created is important. When researching specific diets, you will probably find the most recent information to be the most relevant.

Accuracy and Reliability: Always be sure you can trust (and identify!) the creator of the content. Look for sites that are from known reputable sources. Newspapers and magazines that are also published in print tend to be objective sources of information.

Authority and Intended Audience: Consider the author of the source. What are they hoping to achieve by presenting their information? Who are they trying to reach? Information written to entice new customers will have a different slant than a report meant to educate consumers.

Search tip: When using Google, limit your search results to university websites by adding "site:edu" to your search string. Or limit to United States government sites with "site:gov" before your search terms.