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ENG101 - Bullard - The Good Writing Project: Home

A guide for students in Prof. Bullard's ENG101 course.

Your Mission

The Good Writing Project

What makes "good" writing? How is the writing you will do in your field different than and similar to writing done in other fields? What kind of writing will you do in your future, as a student and an employee? What goals do you need to set for yourself to become the kind of writer you want to be?

Learning Objectives:
This project asks you to attempt to answer: What is “good writing” in your field? The purpose of this assignment is to acquaint you with the kinds of writing you will do in your future. This project will help you:

  • See what writing means to professionals in your majors and fields
  • Reflect on goals you want to set for yourself as a writer
  • Continue improving your own writing skills

Assignment Description:

  • Write a 500-600 word grammatically correct essay in MLA style that explains the type of writing your future holds and the goals you have to become the kind of writer you need to be.
  • Incorporate at least one quote in your paper from one of your interviews.
  • Use evidence to back up your viewpoint (for instance, evidence you gathered from one of your interviews)
  • Include a riveting introduction, strong conclusion, and organized body


This schedule is subject to change. Please refer to Blackboard for current due dates.

Lit Narrative due, on this day.
HW: Find 2 people to interview and set up appointments.

Grammar concepts, interview tips and tricks.
HW:  - Find "Writing for Specific Disciplines" (link found in Resources box on this page). Open it. Find your discipline. Open it. Read it. Find another discipline. Open it. Read it. Write a compare/contrast paragraph in your journal, comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences you find between your field and the other field.

"Good writing" discussion. Grammar concepts.
HW: Work on getting or completing your interview. Type up your two interviews.

Two Interviews due. They must be typed.

HW: Read article handed out in class. Write draft - bring 3 copies to class for workshop.

Workshop on this day.

HW: Revise essay. Bring 1 copy of first draft and 1 copy of revised draft to class. Submit to Turnitin.

Revised essay due. One copy on Turnitin AND one revised copy, 1 copy due in class.

Revised Essay Due. 1 copy on Turnitin AND 1 revised copy, 1 draft due in class.