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Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster

Library Content in Blackboard Course Shells

Instructions and suggestions for embedding library content in your shell.

Liaison Librarians

Reach out to your Liaison Librarian for more information about collaborating on a project.

Marla Gruner

  • Biological Sciences
  • Criminal Justice & Human Services
  • English, Foreign Languages & Philosophy
  • STEM
  • Veterinary Technology

Tess Hartman-Cullen

  • Arts
  • Business & Professional Studies
  • Social Sciences & Education
  • Theater

Kari Mack

  • Nursing

LibApps LTI

Available Content Types to Embed in Blackboard Course Shell:

Guides & Guide Content

  • Full LibGuide – entire guide loads in Blackboard frame
  • Single Page – a single page of a guide of your choosing loads within the Blackboard content area
  • Content Box – a single box from a guide displays in Blackboard content area

A-Z Databases

  • All A-Z Databases – library’s A-Z databases page loads within Blackboard content area.
  • Databases for Specific Subject + Subject Specialists – loads subject database page, including liaison librarian picture and contact information
  • Databases for Specific Subject (list only) – loads list of databases related to the subject you choose
  • Specific A-Z Database – provides a link to the database you choose
  • New/Trial Databases – displays list of New/Trial databases

Why should you use the LibApps LTI?

Management of links and resources is left to librarians

Students do not have to leave your course to access quality resources

Quality of student work should improve with access to high-quality sources

What library resources are recommended for a course shell?