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Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster

COIL & Academic Travel: Get Started

COIL & Academic Travel

COIL: Collaborative Online International Learning & Academic Travel

About COIL at SUNY & at Ulster

What COIL & Academic Travel provide SUNY Ulster

  • Inter-cultural competency for all  
  • Opportunities to fulfill our mission, vision and strategic plan
  • Invaluable job skills for our students 
  • Professional development for our faculty 
  • Team Teaching opportunities for our faculty
  • Teamwork opportunities for students
  • Travel and language incentives and opportunities for both faculty & students
  • Exposure for the college to shine in a desirable niche
  • Opportunities for our faculty to present within SUNY & internationally

SUNY Ulster is 1st Community College 

  • In the SUNY system to embrace COIL and run COIL collaborations
  • In the SUNY system to present at COIL conference on SUNY community college COIL 
  • In the SUNY system to run the SUNY-wide COIL Nodal Network Conference Fall 2014
  • One of the first community colleges in the nation to embrace COIL as an approach to embracing inter-cultural competency and to fold into current courses

COIL Nodal Network map of NYS

Creating a Successful COIL Collaboration

Intercultural Awareness Ebooks

Available Books to Help You Understand Culture