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ENG101 - Fall 2014 - Ebola Persuasive Essay: Home

Resources for the persuasive essay in Prof. Bullard's ENG101

Your Assignment - The Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay - Convince Us!


We will explore the ebola epidemic from multiple angles.

You will choose something related to ebola to persuade your reader of.


Below are some questions that you could use to get you started.

Choose one question to explore. Convince your reader to believe in your  position on the topic.


  • What should we do to prevent the spread of Ebola in the U.S.?

  • What should (or shouldn’t) the U.S. public know about Ebola? Why?

  • Should the U.S. Army be involved in controlling the Ebola epidemic?

  • Should healthcare workers returning to the U.S. be quarantined?

  • Should we close our borders to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and maybe even all of Africa?

  • How much of a risk should journalists take to report the facts to the outside world?

  • How should we react to the Ebola virus?

  • What responsibility does the United States and the world community have to help these West African nations control the Ebola outbreak? Why?

Ebola Q&A Assignment - Due Monday November 17

Read the article above and write an informative paragraph to teach someone else facts about ebola based on what you learn from the questions listed for that exercise. The questions are listed here for your convenience.

  • Where are the most new cases being reported?
  • How many people have been infected in Africa?
  • How many health care workers have contracted Ebola?
  • How contagious is the virus?
  • Are there drugs to treat or prevent Ebola?
  • How does the disease progress?
  • Where is the outbreak?
  • How many people could become infected?
  • How does this compare to past outbreaks?
  • Where does the disease come from?

Additional Readings

Health Care Workers Assignment - Due Wednesday Nov 19

Read one of the blog posts written by Patricia Carrick for Doctor’s Without Borders. How does it affect you. Read an article about health care professionals on The New York Times. Write a one paragraph response where you reflect on your thoughts about the two perspectives. Due Wednesday, November 19.

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