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Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster

Appointment Scheduling with Google Calendar: Get Started

Use Google Calendar for Appointments

Google Calendar has a built in feature that allows you to set appointment slots at specific times (like office hours) for others to set up an appointment with you. You set the times you are available, share your appointment calendar link with students and they reserve the best time for them to meet with you based on your schedule. It is automatic, can happen 24/7 and doesn't require tedious back and forth or a sign-up sheet on your door.

Setting Appointment Slots

1. Open your SUNY Ulster Google Calendar by choosing the Calendar icon from the Portal.calendar icon

2. Select a date and time for an appointment on your calendar. Make sure you designate the event as an Appointment slot. This will create a block of time available for appointment booking. The video below demonstrates the process without sound. Google has instructions for using appointment slots that are more comprehensive. 

3. Share your calendar URL with your students and advisees so they can reserve an appointment slot. Students must first log in with a Gmail address (hopefully they'll use their SUNY Ulster account) in order to make an appointment.

You may also want to download the Google Calendar app on your phone to keep track of your appointments. 

Need help with Google Calendar?

Feel free to ask a librarian for assistance or reach out to OIT.