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INSights: Words That Help

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Marla Gruner
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Here you will find links to novels, short stories, poetry, both written and spoken, in both print and electronic formats in our collection, called INSights. These are works of fiction and personal stories, not self-help books.

“Creativity is great medicine for all, both the creator and the one who experiences it. It prevents disease and promotes wellness. It is not indulgence, it is fundamental to medical practice.” —Patch Adams, M.D., as quoted in Illness and the Art of Creative Self-Expression by John Graham-Pole (Oakland, CA: New Harbinger, 2000)

How do words help?

Words are essential in....

"... the process of facilitating personal development or problem resolution..."

What can they help with?

  • Understanding & dealing with difficult situations and relationships
  • Validating & reinforcing self-understanding & self-affirmation
  • Increasing awareness of personal relationships & communication
  • Improving reality orientation & learning coping skills
  • Improving the capacity to respond to feelings through images & words

     adapted from: McMillen, Paula S. (2005). The Bibliotherapy Education Project: A collaborative teaching effort goes to the Web
     OR a tale for travelers. Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian, 23(2), 85-96.