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Microsoft Word: Formatting Your Paper

An overview of what you need to know to type your paper in Microsoft Word 2013.

Using Docs to Create Your Citations

Google docs Tools Menu highlighting Citations

Once you have added all of your citations, use the tool to insert a Works Cited or References list. You can also use the tool to insert in-text citations.

Using Word to Create Your Citations: Brief Overview

The References tab allows you to add your citation information for your sources into your Word document. You select your citation style and Manage Sources to add each source. Select the type of source (Book, Article, Website, etc.) then type in all of the required information.

When you're ready, you can generate a Bibliography (choose Bibliography -> Insert Bibliography rather than selecting a preformatted option) and your Works Cited/References/Bibliography will be created.

You can use Insert Citation (once you put all your sources in) to insert an in-text citation and Insert Footnote to add a footnote.