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This guide is designed to help you approach research and find sources for Professor Eric Bein's POS 201, American Government course.

Verify Your Sources Electronically

Professor Bein requires at least 4 sources for your research paper, one of which should be from a scholarly source.  Submit the citation for your scholarly source here and a librarian will verify that it is indeed from a scholarly and peer-reviewed source.

Citation Styles

Suggested Search Terms

Here are some suggested keyword/subject search terms to use when searching the databases and catalog. Words in quotations marks are considered a complete phrase and should be entered in quotation marks if you wish to do a phrase search.

  • Constitution
  • "Executive Branch"
  • "Legislative Branch"
  • "Judicial Branch"
  • Elections
  • "Political Parties"
  • "Civil LIberties"
  • "Citizens United"
  • "Super PACS"
  • "Foreign Policy"
  • Lobbyists
  • "Separation of Powers"
  • "Interest Groups"
  • "Voting Rights"
  • Congress
  • Redistricting
  • Gerrymander

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