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Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster

DiscoverDeWitt: Getting Started

What is DiscoverDeWitt?

Coming in July, DiscoverDeWitt 2.0!!

Our current version of DiscoverDeWitt, hosted by Ebsco, is migrating to a new platform hosted by Ex Libris. Catalist is being replaced by a Library Catalog search within the new DiscoverDeWitt.

Highlights for library users:

  • Longer loan periods for faculty, staff and students to align with SUNY-wide policies
  • Request books from other libraries by searching the SUNY Catalog in DiscoverDeWitt
  • Automatic login to DiscoverDeWitt from the portal providing access to your library account to renew materials and make requests. You can also save your searches and bookmark resources for later review

Stay tuned for updated introductory materials for DiscoverDeWitt...

DiscoverDeWitt is a library search engine that combs through nearly all of the library's resources - physical items and online resources. It's a single search point for the quality content you need for your academic endeavors.

DiscoverDeWitt is meant to save you time by searching across databases all at once and providing a single stream of relevant search results in one easy to use interface.

DiscoverDeWitt - Try it out!


DiscoverDeWitt can be just a starting point

In some cases, it is better to go directly to the most relevant subject specific database/interface. 

For Literary Criticism:

For images only:

More about what's in your search results

Some databases are not included in a DiscoverDeWitt Search at all.

Databases not part of DiscoverDeWitt:

All databases have a Resource Icon to indicate how much of their content is included in a DiscoverDeWitt search.

 Full searching of database content by DiscoverDeWitt including full text of articles.

 Partial searching of database content by DiscoverDeWitt. For example, the author, title, and table of contents information is searchable, but the full text of the article is not.

 None of the database content can be found by DiscoverDeWitt.

Google vs DiscoverDeWitt