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Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster

Psychology: APA Style

DeWitt Library APA Style Guide

APA Style Links

Getting Started with APA Style:

Additional resources:

Elements of a Citation

It is up to you to locate the elements of a citation from each of your sources.

Four Elements of References Entries:

  • Author: who?
  • Date: when?
  • Title: what?
  • Source: where?

Use a period after each type of element. Use commas when separating the parts of an element. Do not put a period after a URL or DOI.


APA Style: Format Your Student Paper

General Format of Student Papers

Title Page

  • The following are all centered and double-spaced:
    • Title of paper in bold that describes the main thesis of your paper
    • Author name(s) 
    • Name of school (SUNY Ulster)
    • Course number: Course Name
    • Instructor name
    • Assignment due date (ex. January 25, 2021)
  • page number in upper right

Body of Paper

Follow these guidelines unless your instructor provides specific formatting:

  • Continue pagination from title page
  • Restate the title at the top of the page, bold and centered
  • Margin: One inch on all sides
  • Font size: 12 point
  • Typeface: Times New Roman
  • Spacing: Double-space throughout the entire paper
  • Alignment: Flush left, uneven on right
  • Paragraph Indentation: Half-inch
  • Section headings may be used as needed
  • Charts, tables and appendices as appropriate

Reference List

  • Start on a new page
  • Use the title References at the top, in bold and centered
  • Double-space all entries 
  • Use a hanging indent where first line of each entry is flush left and subsequent lines are indented .5 in.


To format your paper using Microsoft Word, see the guide below: