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Literature & ENG102

A Subject Guide to highlight the key resources for locating literary criticism and literature within the DeWitt Library collection.

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A comparison of the Wheel and Tile displays of Topic Finder in Gale Literary Sources. Each graphically displays the words and subjects most often appearing in the text of the search results for "Maya Angelou."

How to cite Short Story Criticism and Contemporary Literary Criticism

It can be a little tricky to cite an article/essay that appears in a reference work but was originally printed in a different book or journal. Use the examples below to create your citations for those multi-volume print literary criticism books in the Reference Collection.

Literary Criticism in a Multi-Volume Reference Work (eg, Short Story Criticism):
Lastname, Firstname. "Title of Chapter/Essay/Novel [usually listed at the end of the entry]." Title of Collection, edited by Firstname Lastname, vol. #, Publisher, date, pp. #-##. Originally published in Title of Original Publication, edited by/by Firstname Lastname, Publisher/Journal Name, vol. #, issue # [if a journal article], date, pp. #-##.
Ginsberg, Lesley. "'I Am Your Slave for Love': Race Sentimentality, and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Fiction for Children." Short Story Criticism, edited by Jelena Krstovic, vol. 159, Gale, 2012, pp.321-30. Originally published in Enterprising Youth: Social Values and Acculturation in Nineteenth-Century American Children's Literature, edited by Monika Elbert, Routledge, 2008, pp. 97-113.

Aizenber, Edna. "Mi Buenos Aires Herido: Borges and Landscapes of Fear." Short Story Criticism, edited by Jelena Krstovic, vol. 159, Gale, 2012, pp.157-61. Originally published in Variaciones Borges, vol. 25, 2008, pp. 69-78.

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