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Oral Communication & Public Speaking

Guides for public speaking skills and resources for current and historic speeches and quotations by men, women, and children, from all walks of life

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Our print and online reference tools are great starting points for your research.
Reference works offer concise overviews of a broad range of topics and key concepts, examples of major works and historical perspectives. 
Print reference resources offer always-available-in-library works for access to critical information. Online reference works are fully searchable, full text, and can be accessed from home and your mobile devices.

We have both print books to lend and ebooks that can be accessed from home.  

We offer thousands of scholarly articles in electronic format through our databases. They are subject specific as well as multi-disciplinary.  We have image databases, music databases, film databases. 

Websites listed here are authoritative and represent a sample of the vast world of Internet resources available.

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