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eBooks: Finding, printing, and downloading

A quick intro to getting the most of the library's ebook collections.

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Printing eBooks

Usually you are not allowed to print an entire book. The number of pages able to be printed is dependent on licensing agreements. Some vendors require you to save desired pages as a PDF and open the file to print it. Others allow you to print from their online reader. Below are instructions specific to EBSCO and Ebook Central, our largest ebook providers.

Print to PDF (EBSCO)

A limited number of pages of an EBSCO ebook (depending on licensing restrictions) can be saved and printed. To print only a section of a book, choose Save Pagesfrom the toolbar of the PDF view. The next menu will specify how many pages may be saved as a PDF. Once you save the file, you can then print it.

Print to PDF (Ebook Central)

Some titles (due to publisher restrictions) cannot be printed or downloaded or only a certain percentage of a title may be printed or downloaded.

In Ebook Central, the Detail Page of a title (what you first see) will tell you exactly how many pages are available to download or print.

To print from the Reader (while you are viewing a chapter) choose the Print to PDF icon. You will be presented with a menu to choose which pages you would like to print and the citation method you prefer.

The pages will be saved to your device as a PDF which you may then open and print.