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HUS207 - Aspects of Aging: Ask a Librarian

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Helpful Information

You will be expected to cite your sources and format your paper in APA or MLA Style. 

Citing a Personal Interview

APA Style

Personal communications do not require a citation in the References list. In the text of your paper or presentation, put the communicator's name, the words "personal communication," and the date of the communication in parentheses:

(J. Smith, personal communication, September 23, 2020)

MLA Style

You need a full citation in your Works Cited list for a personal interview. Include the name of the interviewee, the words "Personal interview" and the date of the interview.

Lastname, Firstname. Personal interview. dd Mmm yyyy.

The in-text citation would follow the same rules as other types of sources where you include the last name in parentheses when you cite that source. Obviously, there are no page numbers to include.

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