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Macdonald DeWitt Library at SUNY Ulster

Policies & Services: Library Use Policies

Patron Code of Conduct


The Macdonald DeWitt Library of SUNY Ulster supports an environment conducive to learning and study. We urge you to respect the needs of others in this shared space.  Please follow these simple guidelines:

CONVERSATIONS: Conversations are a necessary part of the library experience for circulation, research and technical assistance on the main floor of the library; voices should be kept low and minimally intrusive. We have study rooms available for groups. The second and third floors are for quiet reading and study, in addition to the Periodical room on the ground floor. The beautiful Mountain View room on the second floor is designed especially as a quiet study area and is open to all.

CELL PHONE & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT USE:  Cell phone use is allowed as long as conversations are brief and unobtrusive to others. Please set ringers to low volume or vibrate. Sounds from any personal electronic equipment, such as laptops, audio players and other mobile devices must be inaudible to other patrons.

USE OF LIBRARY COMPUTERS: SUNY Ulster students will have priority use of computers for academic use and research. To maintain ongoing security all computers erase saved information when you log off; please save your work in a separate location. We offer headphones for use in the library. PLEASE SEE THE COMPUTER AND NETWORK SECURITY AND ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY, SECTION 3.11.5 OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES' POLICY MANUAL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION

FOOD & DRINK:  Please do not eat or drink while at the computers.  Otherwise, food and drink are allowed in the library provided you are conscientious and clean up after yourself.

CHILDREN IN THE LIBRARY: While children may come to the library on an occasional basis, they must be supervised by their parent/guardian and be in their presence at all times. Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring the activities and regulating the behavior of their children while the children are in the library.

Gift Policy

Gifts of materials, or money to purchase them, are accepted provided there are no restrictions.  In order to determine the suitability of a gift, donors are asked to present a list for consideration by the Library. In the case of gifts, Library acquisition guidelines are used, including: relevancy to curriculum, enhancement of existing collection, physical condition and availability of sufficient shelf space.  All donations are subject to library updating and weeding policies. 

A letter of acknowledgement, generally describing the gift, will be provided.  The Library cannot provide appraisals of donations.